Welcome To The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

Are you an emerging or established art doll maker looking to join our group? We are an international guild of talented artists that work hard to promote the doll industry and to enlighten the public as to how much ART there is in the term Art Doll. An art doll is a multi-media figurative sculpture not unlike the statues you see in museums but usually smaller and created with a much wider variety of materials. Our Guild represents not only Master artists in the doll industry but artists of all levels. Our Legacy members are second to none and share our vision of combining individual and group promotions, education and excellence in craftsmanship so that all talented doll artists can achieve success in this complex industry. Our Guild’s mission is to showcase and promote the biggest talents and the emerging artists from around the world to help them achieve higher levels of success and we also work with beginning artists so that they can achieve their dream of becoming a world class art doll maker . Over the past 25 years our Guild has given multitudes of artists a leg up in the world of figurative art which we refer to as Art Dolls. If you want a hand in reaching your goal as a professional artist, call us today at (727)224-2509. or sign up through the Join us link below.


About Our Guild

Helping artists achieve success in the art doll making industry is what we are all about. The guild offers promotions, shows, awards, learning, and lifelong friendships.  We have a wide variety of talent and all are committed to promoting the art doll making industry. Check out the guild’s history.​

Artist Pages

Our artists are the foundation of the guild.  One of a kind or limited artists editions are our artists specialty. Including sculpted Baby, Character, Fantasy, Primitive, Mixed Media and Ball Jointed art doll makers.   With a growing membership of over 250 we represent all sculpted doll Genre.

Calendar and Events

Want to see what classes are available?  What shows are scheduled?  Have an event to advertise?  Special promotions involving our ooak art doll artists. News on international artist connections coming soon. Check out our calendar!

Join Us and Learn

Membership is open to all worthy artists..  This organization is proud of its members and the contributions they make to help the ooak art doll-making industry. Our new Apprenticeship program is open to budding artists and those who would love to learn to sculpt. Work with our Master doll artists.

Entries for the 2018 GOLD AWARDS are being accepted NOW

 The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild (PDMAG) Gold Awards is our annual competition that recognizes and encourages our members to excel in the design and creation of Art Dolls. It is the Guild’s biggest and most prestigious award based on the high-quality standards for excellence in doll making set forth by our founder Jack Johnston. Photos of all the entries are reviewed by our panel of master artist Judges, who evaluate each submission on overall emotional appeal, excellence in concept, quality of material and workmanship, head/facial anatomy, overall anatomy and overall mastery of technique. This is an opportunity for our members to showcase their talent by entering the contests. Deadline March 31st.

All entries will be included in the Spring edition of International Doll Artists magazine..Winners receive a gorgeous Crystal award and will be featured full page in the same Spring issue. The Guild will also produce a new video featuring all of this years entries, and announce the winners. Not a member yet. There is still time to join and enter.

Featured Artist Spotlight

Jack Johnston announces the release of his 4th book. Published through Jones Publishing. 


Check out our new featured doll Gallery. As our members share their new works on their pages we will select the newest ones to share with you. 

Quinlan Doll and Teddy Show in Philly PA 2017

This years show was a huge success, We had our largest member participation to date with 46 members present. It was a very busy weekend for us all. Filled with workshops, Classes, Panels, Tai Chi, Artists galleries, The signature contest, the Market place, a busy sales showroom, fantastic food, and a Free bar and loads of socializing especially for all of us PDMAG members who basically took over the bar each evening to share laughs and a fair bit of wine. Plans are already being made for next year.   http://www.quinlanmuseum.com/convention/registration.html  

Our first annual Pinnacle award winners were announced Mayra Garza, Diane Keeler, Mark Dennis, Roxanna Maria, Jack Johnston and Joy Calhoon. Click HERE to visit the awards page.

We announced our Gold contest awards at the opening night ceremonies and also the new Trendsetter and Innovator award was announced.

Our group sponsored a panel on how important it is to promote the industry by teaching and mentoring the next generation of doll artists. The panel guests include Debbie Weimert, Linda Ehrenfried, Jack Johnston, Cherie Fretto and Roxanna Sullivan. It was a great success.

A great big Thank you to the folks behind the scenes who tirelessly keep this guild running smoothly. Our President and CEO Cherie Fretto, Executive Vice President Linda Ehrenfried, Executive assistant Esther Manso, Treasurer Peggy McChesney, Membership Chair Lisa Wroblewski and Show and Challenge coordinator Debbie Weimert. and our founder Jack Johnston.

Thinking about joining?

Are you an artist interested in joining one of the biggest Artists Guilds on the web?  Click here to learn the benefits of membership. We can help you to be more then just another face in the crowd. Photo courtesy of Jack Johnston

Interested in learning how to create art dolls?  Join our Doll making Academy
No need to travel to learn from a mentor, your mentor is just a click away.


NEWS: The second issue of International Doll Artists magazine will available soon. For more news on the release of issue 2 visit the IDA website. www.internationaldollartists.com


This years PDMAG Traveling doll project is underway and is being headed up by Michelle Pulaski this year. It will be a Steam punk theme this year and this time a Female doll with toys. This doll will be Raffled off same as last year to raise money for the Guild to promote our members. The doll and toys will be featured along with all the winners of the Gold contest in an upcoming issue of International Doll Artists Magazine.

Past PDMAG AWARD winners

Each year our guild sponsors contests and challenges and awards winners at multiple levels in multiple categories. We promote our winners in Doll Magazines, Youtube videos, and on our Facebook groups.


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Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

is a group of diverse and ever growing One of a kind (OOAK) Art Doll makers. Our group of International artists create dolls in Polymer clay, paper clay, cloth and mixed media as well as artist sculpted and cast, resin and Porcelain Ball jointed dolls ( BJD ) and Silicone Babies,  No other group gathers such a wide array of doll makers in one place. Our international members from all over the world. Italy, Roma, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Austria, England, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Peru, the US and more. Our award winning OOAK doll artists also take the time to volunteer as mentors so that new and budding artists can learn at an advanced pace to create beautiful art dolls through the PDMAG Mentor/apprentice Academy. Whether your a Master doll artist who wants to share the experiences of doll making with kindred spirits or a new artist who wants guidance into this complex market or a complete beginner who would love to learn to make hand sculpted dolls and figurative sculpture of your own, PDMAG has a place for you.



PDMAG now has a Youtube Channel

Members PDMAG has a new logo and promotional banner for you to use on your website. Please, use or both in your ads, on your websites and on your auctions to show your you are a Proud PDMAG member. You can link to you PDMAG page or to the main page or both. Please check you page here on the site and make sure we are up to date with your current work, email addresses and website links. Visitors are looking for you, help us make sure they find your ooak art dolls. We make connections between ooak art doll makers and collectors. Please contact Linda Ehrenfried on Facebook. We do most of our member communications via facebook so if you not already a on facebook it is time to join. 

Photo of the 2016-17 PDMAG officers
Cherie Fretto – CEO and President
Jack Johnston – CEO Emeritus
Linda Ehrenfried – Executive Vice President


We have built some great partnerships with leading magazines and show promoters in the doll industry. We have become best friends with the editors and owners of Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine, Dolls Magazine,Art Doll Quarterly, and have also linked with the owners of the Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Museum in California who run the Doll and Teddy Bear show in Philadelphia, PA. Pretty Toys Magazine. The ProSculpt Company and Johnston Original Artdolls

The following are Lifetime Legacy members of the guild…
Marie Osmond, Mark Dennis, Reva Schick, Elizabeth Dye, Renata Jensen, Jack Johnston. Joe MacPhale, Bill Nelson, Diane Keeler, Mayra Garza, Roxanna Sullivan, and Joy Calhoun.

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