Apprentice Members Showcase

These are our Apprentices they are members of the PDMAG Academy.  Apprentices work with our Mentors on learning sculpting skills and polishing sculpting, smoothing, sanding, painting, wigging, and achieving a professional level of doll making that meets the high standards of a Guild artist. These artists dedicate countless hours to practicing and learning and it is our honor to introduce them to you. Some are beginners, some novice and some are emerging intermediates who we predict with become rising stars over the next few years.

Our Apprentices spend at least one full year working with their own mentor and working in the Closed Groups we have established on Facebook. Our Facebook groups are a gathering place where we have challenges and share tutorials and all of our mentors take the time to help our apprentices with any and all questions. We currently have over 30 master artists who volunteer their time to help our apprentice members to learn sculpting and doll making. Some apprentices are complete beginners and others are practicing novices. We have 3 levels in the academy. Junior, Novice, and intermediate. When our apprentices reach a level of consistency with their work they graduate and become a full Intermediate level PDMAG member. 

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These are a few of the works by our apprentice members. They are form out most recent challenge. There are the entries and the winners of that challenge.