The Apprentice program was started in 2014 by the Guild’s President, Cherie Fretto. This program helps aspiring new artists improve their skills and introduces them to many other important aspects of the industry.  The Academy is a judgement free zone on the internet where only apprentices and mentors have access. It is a place where they can choose to show their work in progress and receive tips. Upon graduation, members still have access to the Guild’s Mentors through the Facebook Professional Doll Makers Group page in order to ensure their continued growth and to share their work with other members.

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Cherie Fretto​

Character Dolls and BJD

Lauren Jaimes

​Baby and Child Dolls

Kori Leppart

Character Fantasy Baby & BJD

Karen Baker

Fantasy and Character

Patricia Rowe

Character and Fantasy

Tanya Abaimova

Character and Fantasy

Sherri Williams

Baby and Child dolls

Phyllis Jorgensen Morrow

Fantasy and Character

Rosa Grueso

Fantasy and Character

Tatiana Tofaneto

​Character, fantasy and BJD

Gayle Wray

Cloth dolls

Debbie Weimert

Character, Fantasy and child dolls

Claudia Raddi

Fantasy and character

Rhonda Ingram

BJD and fantasy

Maisa Said

​Baby and child dolls

Kellie Beckett

Babies and Children

Jennifer Costello-Delcigno

​Baby and child dolls

Elsie Rodriquez
Babies and Child dolls

Linda Lyons

Character and Fantasy Paper clay

Marguerite Surich Noschese

Character and Fantasy

Aleah Klay


Kat Lees

Cloths Dolls


Jack Johnston

All Dolls

Barbara Felts

Fantasy, Character, and Baby

Melinda Wood

Character, Fantasy and Baby

Lisa Wroblewski

Character, Fantasy and Child

Noemi Smith

Fantasy, BJD and Baby

Roxanna Maria
Character and Fantasy

Leann Marshall

Fantasy and Character