Apprentice Yearly Membership Fee


Yearly Apprentice Membership with assigned Mentor and access to the academy groups

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Apprentice Yearly Membership Fee

Please pay only after you have received your acceptance email.

Our Apprentice Program will cost $99.00 per year dues effective 12/12/16 for new members and those returning who want a one on one mentor.  Apprentices who have already completed the first year and want to continue working towards graduation within the academy group but no with a one on one mentor can choose the other option. The increase in the fee is to pay the membership fee of your mentor and to help offset the costs of maintaining the academy and its challenges. As your mentor will be taking time from their doll making to assist you in your doll making journey, sharing their years of knowledge learned by many years of practice trail and error, we feel it is only fair that they not have to pay their own membership. You will also notice that both memberships are discounted as the regular membership fee is $59.99. This is done to make this program both fair and affordable for all. We spend extra money keeping this program going including paying for awards for and advertising of challenges exclusively for the PDMAG Academy. You will get out of the program what you put into it. You must practice and you should strive to participate in group activities to get the most out of the group. Your mentor will encourage you to share your works in progress with your mentors and they will help you with tips on how to get create  quality dolls. But you must make time to sculpt. Apprentices will have access to the academy group with fellow artists at their level and be assigned a personal Mentor to help them with their learning experience. The Program also includes many additional benefits including discounts for supplies, challenges with prizes for Apprentices and many learning resources at no extra cost, tons of reference materials, videos and learning tools from our Master Artists.. The academy groups are a great place to share your works in progress with our mentors and also to share the joy of sculpting with your fellow apprentices.


 The Apprentice program was started in  2014 by the Guild’s President, Cherie Fretto.  Cherie is also one of our most active mentors. This program helps aspiring new artists improve their skills and introduces them to many other important aspects of the industry.  New members are encouraged to participate in a 12 month program whereby a mentor/master artist is assigned to each individual based on their demonstrated interest.  Mentors will take the lead in supporting them through an ongoing one to one relationship, reviewing and critiquing their work and assisting them in obtaining the necessary skills to graduate the program and advance from beginner to intermediate level of artistry.  With the addition of the PDMAG Academy group on facebook, Apprentices share work with each other and they have access to the entire group of mentors in one place. The Academy is a judgement free zone on the internet where only apprentices and mentors have access. If is a place where they can choose to show their work in progress and receive tips. Upon graduation, members still have access to the Guild’s Mentors through the Facebook Professional Doll Makers Group page in order to ensure their continued growth and to share their work with other members. Our mentors will answer questions in our online groups and will work with you one on one to improve your skills via online.


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