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My name is Robin Angel Gross Lanzoni. I am from Manchester, NH. I started making dolls in 2003 .
My doll making journey began because I wanted to have another child but it wasn't feasible. So I looked on eBay for realistic dolls. That's where I first saw the little clay babies. I bought one and it sat it on my desk at work for a few weeks as I admired it. My creative side decided the fingers should be more round so I took an exacto knife to it and carved away a little clay to try to make it more realistic. That first beautiful though slightly imperfect sculpt, inspired me to purchase try to make one myself. So I order my first bar of ProSculpt
I started out sculpting babies but I also wanted to see what else I could make. I realized I could sculpt adults and fantasy/horror figures with more skill. I like to sculpt memorial portrait sculptures as well as outrageous pieces.
My preferred medium is ProSculpt. However when I create my accessories like my hand sculpted tree bassinets I use Super Sculpey.
In 2013 I won "Best in Show" for my Santa and Mrs. Claus wreath.

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